Intraday Overdraft

Intraday overdraft enables your company to use the agreed credit limit within a banking day. The used credit amount must be repaid by the end of the same day. Intraday overdraft can be used for example when incoming payments are expected to arrive later on during the day, but outgoing payments should be made earlier.

Only annual fee is calculated on the credit limit, no interest on the used credit is payable.

Standard terms and conditions of intraday overdraft

Overdraft limit: starting from EUR 1, 000,000

Overdraft term: 1 year

Security: a mortgage or commercial pledge; a guarantee issued by KredEx or the Estonian Rural Development Foundation may serve as additional security

Documents necessary for an intraday overdraft application

  • an audited annual report for the previous financial year
  • a balance sheet and income statement as of the end of the last quarter
  • in the case of a real estate collateral, a valuation report of the real estate