OP Gateway

OP Gateway is a software that allows to send and receive information directly between your accounting program and the bank. The data exchange between the accounting program and the bank takes place in real time.


Simplifies day-to-day work with payments and accounts.
Accountant works with invoices, payments and account statements in one program only - the accounting program. 
No need to import payment files to Netbank. 
Same solution in all OP Bank's Baltic branches.


Convenient and fast initiation of payments, signing and sending directly from the accounting program.
Monitoring the status of payments (completed, failed).
Receiving account statements directly to the accounting program. 

Technical requirements:

The data exchange takes place in ISO 20022 XML format.
The security of the customer authentication service is ensured by the HTTPS connection and the authentication certificate based on PKI together with the certificate issued by OP Bank.

To get OP Gateway please contact us:

Tel +372 6630 845 on business days 9:00-17:00
E-mail: icm.Estonia@opbank.ee