Warning of phishing messages sent on behalf of OP!


OP warns that bank customers may receive notification on behalf of the Bank with information about an online document or pending payments and a request to read it by clicking on the link. These links lead to a phishing page that is reminiscent of OP's Internet Bank and may lure users into logging on. The link sent by fraud email is in the form lolo.vercher[.]org and redirects to the phishing page at darkia[.]ir/op/. We recommend ignoring messages and deleting them immediately. OP has not sent these messages and we ask that you do not click on the links or enter your online banking credentials.


When logging in to the Internet Bank, please always make sure that it is an official bank channel. This is indicated by the correct website address with valid links and the correct page. When entering the Internet Bank, you should never enter your PIN2 code, which is only for signing transactions and contracts.


In case of additional questions, please contact OP by number +372 663 0845