Sustainability programme

We will build a sustainable tomorrow together

Climate and the environment

  • We will offer sustainable financing and investment products to our customers
  • We will decrease emissions across our loan and investment portfolios
  • We will promote the circular economy in our business and that of our customers
  • We will become carbon neutral by 2025
  • We will promote biodiversity and the wellbeing of nature

People and communities

  • We will foster a diverse, inclusive and non-discriminatory culture
  • We will promote the wellbeing of our local communities
  • We will support the management of personal finances and improve financial literacy
  • We will help customers with special needs to manage their finances
  • We will identify the impact of our operations on human rights

Corporate governance

  • We will integrate sustainability with all our business operations and risk-taking
  • We will use data and artificial intelligence responsibly
  • We will require our partners to commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct
  • We will increase diversity in our governing bodies
  • We will further improve the sustainability competencies of our personnel

Long-term climate targets

2025 Carbon neutral OP

OP Financial Group aims for carbon neutral emissions from energy and fuels (scope 1 and scope 2) by 2025.

2030 Halving the GHG emission intensity of investments and reducing the emissions of corporate loan portfolios

We will halve our investments’ greenhouse gas emission intensity by 2030. By the end of 2030, we will not engage in direct and active investment in businesses related to coal mining or coal power generation.

OP Financial Group will cut 25% of its corporate loan portfolio emissions by 2030 compared to 2022.

2050 Carbon neutral funds and corporate loan portfolios

OP Corporate Bank is committed to carbon neutrality in its corporate loan portfolios, and in funds managed by OP Asset Management and OP Fund Management Company, by 2050. A similar goal has been set for OP cooperative banks’ corporate loans.