Environmental policy

The purpose of environmental policy is to document, communicate and share with all interested parties OP´s commitment to address, make positive impact, contribute to climate action and sustainable, green way of serving customers, doing business and working. The policy contains a list of commitments and action points on how to effectively keep them.

Enviromental commitments:

  • Acting in accordance with all the laws and regulations imposed by and related to environmental managment of Estonia
  • Focusing on reducing environmental impact of OP in the following areas and more: waste, water, electricity, transportation and travel, prinicples of using and purchasing goods both in physical and digital spaces
  • Minimizing and avoiding any kind of waste by finding alternatives and more sustainable solutions to the existing waste managment practicies
  • Advocating for and encouraging to actively reuse and recycle relevant units which lifecycle came or is coming to an end
  • Preventing environmental, occupational and other risks
  • Carrying out internal and external environmental audits within agreed schedule to ensure that the established commitments are kept

Action points:

  • Training, communicating, educating and raising awarness of employees regarding environmental practices and latest updates within Green Office initiative
  • Promoting and organizing (everyday) activities to support and/or integarate sustainable practices and concepts into the existing way of working in an agile way
  • Designing, composing and analyzing both existing and new processes and products with the environment and environmental impact in mind
  • Willing and commited to learning, curiosity and continous improvement which is reflected in regular update of existing environment-friendly practices and creation of new ones
  • Seeking, developing and maintaining relationships with clients and partners which support and enrich OP´s environmental commitments, social responsibility and climate action


Environmental policy is the document which lists and communicates OP´s environmental commitments alongside actions points on how to keep those commitments. Policy covers different areas of actions and envolves multiple parties which is written in alignment with core values and principles of OP and the environmental action strategies.