OP Corporate Bank Estonian branch

OP is Finland's leading financial services group providing a variety of banking, non-life insurance and asset management services to its business and institutional clients, as well as a wide range of banking and insurance services for individuals.

In Estonia, OP operates as a corporate bank for large and medium-sized enterprises. Our financial services portfolio consists of loans, guarantees, trade finance and leasing and factoring solutions. In addition, we aim to find the most suitable customer solutions for efficient and productive cash management. We provide our customers with solutions for cash flow and currency exposure management, short-term needs for working capital and surplus management.

OP is a financial services group whose 120-year-old mission and core values remain unchanged. As a cooperative company, our actions are guided by a dual role: In our business role, we take care of our earnings, capital adequacy and efficiency. In our social role, we promote the wellbeing and prosperity of our customers and operating region.